ironman triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand


@ Phuket Thailand


OPENING 2013thailand muay thai camp phuket triathlon training


LIVE 1 - 12 months @ PHUKET Thailand
while you train for your next Triathlon event.

thailand muay thai camp phuket triathlon


At Phuket Triathlon Training Camp we have bungalows available that are well set up with all the comforts such as Wifi internet , cable TV, fridge & hot shower

We can assist you with an invite letter to support your Thailand visa application for 3 month, 6 month or 1 year multi entry Thailand visa that will allow you to stay & train full time in Thailand.


triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand


triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand

800 meters from Phuket Triathlon training camp


triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand
FREE WiFi internet @ Phuket Triathlon Training Camp.


Phuket Training Camp is a Thai boxing & fitness Gym located @ the top of Phuket Island. We offer Yoga, Thai boxing, fitness & detox programs.
In recent years we have had a HUGE increase of students that want to stay & train for local triathlons & marathons. We have accommodation for 35 persons @ the GYM + 2 boxing rings + Fitness & weight training area + YOGA studio + a GYM restaurant that sells healthy food & the BEST protein shakes..



BIKE HIRE @ Phuket Triathlon camp

Our bikes are well maintained and more than suitable for 100+km training rides.
We offer a discounted monthly rate for our fitness & triathlon students that are training 1+ months in Thailand.

Bikes available for hire @ following rates

Daily Rate = 500 THB (Daily rate is NOT available on race week)
Weekly Rate = 2500 THB
Monthly Rate = 8000 THB (discounted monthly rate)

Need a bike for RACE day... (Phuket Triathlon)
Minimum hire during race week = 2500 THB

DEPOSIT & PAYMENT ... We have an Australian Commonwealth bank account to make deposit payment easy. Banking details will be available on request.

PRE booking a bike for race week ... If you want to reserve a bike for race week, deposit & payment is required at the time of making your reservation. Bikes are in HUGE demand during November & December so you are advised pre book your bike no less than ONE month in advance.

triathlon training bikes phuket thailand


Bungalows @ Phuket Triathlon camp

SHARED bungalow ... For those on a budget we have shared bungalows available @ 1500 THB per week / 5000 THB per month (each bed).
2 x Single beds, Hot shower, toilet, fridge, Cable TV, DVD player, electronic safe + FREE wifi internet connection. Towels & linen are provided + maid service for change of bed linen week & cleaning of the bungalow twice a week.

PRIVATE bungalow .... @ 5000 THB per week / 17,000 THB per month.
King size bed, fridge, Cable TV, DVD player, Bathroom & toilet, electronic safe + FREE wifi internet connection. Towels & linen are provided + maid service for change of bed linen each week & cleaning of the bungalow twice a week.

more details about accommodation coming soon


Thailand Visa

VISA on arrival ...
If you enter Thailand via the AIRPORT they give you a 30 day Tourist VISA on arrival but If you enter Thailand on foot / car/ bus or boat they only give you a 15 day Tourist VISA. The exception being if have a 6 or 12 month multiple entry VISA then ALL Thailand border crossings give you 3 month Thailand VISA.

60 day Tourist VISA is available FREE form any Thailand Embassy / Consulate out side of Thaialnd. ( YOU MUST APPLY FOR THIS VISA BEFORE YOU COME TO THAILAND)

3 month / 6 month / 1 year multi entry Thailand VISA is available but you must apply for it BEFORE you arrive in Thailand. To get a visa for 3 + months you will require an invite letter form the Thai boxing GYM you are training at in Thailand.

To get an Invitation letter from the Gym you will need to e- mail Danny Avison @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp with the following details...
# Your expected arrival & departure dates
# YOUR NAME as it appears in your passport.

Please Note:
Some Thai Embassy's are VERY difficult and slow to deal with So DONT leave your visa application intill the last minute or you might find your S.O.L. (Shit out of Luck)

triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand Thai Embassy locations (world wide)


ONE WAY Ticket into THAILAND .. En less you have a Thailand work permit or a multi entry Thailand Visa the airlines wont allow you to board your flight to Thailand with out a departure ticket from Thailand. To get around this you can buy a cheap one way flight >> Phuket to Bali, Phuket to Jakarta or Phuket to KL Malaysia for approx $50 one way. Book flights online @

Are you feeling Lucky ???  90% chance you will be told by the airline that you need to purchase a return flight out of Thailand when you check in to board your flight. To save any last minute panic you  might want to consider buying a flight in advance or If you have a credit card & iphone you can purchase a flight online at the airport. Cheapest option for departure flight from Thailand is >> Phuket to KL Malaysia >> Book online @


Australian Residents
The Thai Embassy @ Brisbane Australia is the easiest place to get your 6 or 12 month Visa. The Embassy staff @ Brisbane are very helpful & easy to deal with, If you don't live in Brisbane you can courier Fedex your application & passport to them for fast service.

Royal Thai Consulate General
87 Annerley Road South Brisbane (next to Matar hospital)
Queensland Australia 4102
Tel (07) 3846-7771 - Fax (07) 3846-7772
E-mail :
Web site: Thai Embassy Brisbane


PHOTO album @Phuket Triathlon camp


TEAM Phuket
Photo album
VIDEO - Training with team PHROMTHEP
VIDEO - 1st Phuket triathlon event


Upcoming Events @ PHUKET THAILAND

Next Race @ PHUKET THAILAND... triathlon training camp rawai phuket thailand

Phuket Triathlon = on Sunday 27th November 2011
Phukets other event = Sunday 4th December 2011


Local Events @ Phuket....


TIP's ... for Training in the TROPIC's

*Things to know BEFORE you come to Thailand*

SWEATING too much... Sweating during exercise is a good thing ... BUT sweat too much & it can drain your body of energy. Lose more than 2% of water from your body and it will fatigue you quickly & slow your recovery.

Your body will give you plenty of warning that your sweating too much. Your sweat will start to taste very salty, it may start to sting when sweat gets in your eyes, muscle spasms will start to give you issues for 1 - 2 days, if you fail to balance your magnesium levels the muscle spasms will turn to muscle cramps.

Foods HIGH in Magnesium = Bananas, Green coconuts, Green Salads, Chia seeds, Green smoothies, Magnesium supplements.

DONT run in the mid day sun !
Do your runs before sunrise or just before sunset (It will make a HUGE difference to your energy levels & speed of your recovery)

*Things to know BEFORE you come to Thailand*

GREEN coconuts

Green coconuts are by far the most nutritional natural water source on the planet. Each green coconut gives approx 300 - 500 ml's of highly nutritious water. Green coconut water is 100% NATURAL & full of amino acids, essential minerals, enzymes & electrolytes. It is the high electrolyte content in the coconut that gives it that slightly salty taste.

The water in the green coconut is so good for your body that during the Vietnam war the water was siphoned directly from the coconut to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.

Most of you people living in "COLD climate regions of the world "will rarely have the opportunity to drink fresh coconut water but if you are lucky enough to be coming to Thailand then 1 - 3 coconuts every day will give your body a HUGE energy boost.

The hot & humid weather in Thailand can quickly dehydrate you. One HOUR of jogging / running in the TROPICAL HEAT or 2 hours having FuN @ the beach can leave you feeling tired & drained of energy. A drink of fresh green coconut water will restore of energy levels instantly.

Green coconuts are available every where in Thailand. You can find them at most restaurants, street vendor's, fruit markets & tourist hot spots. Green coconuts in Thailand sell for approx 30 - 40 THB / ($1) each.

As a post run RECOVERY drink .... the green coconut is the perfect drink to restore electrolyte levels in your body. If you are in Thailand for Muay Thai training then a drink of green coconut water 1 hour into your training session will give you a HUGE boost of energy to get you through your 4+ hours of daily training.

If you are training for triathlons & doing BIG runs (20+ km / 2+ hours), take 40 THB with you and stop for a drink of fresh green coconut water when you feel the need to hydrate & refuel. Cycling ... Add some green coconut water to your bottle of training water (50 / 50 mix), it will give you a HUGE & very noticeable increase of energy during your ride.

GREEN coconuts are available FRESH every day @ PHuket Triathlon camp


Better eating habits is the key to good health.
Improved eating habits = cutting down on junk food, processed food & replace it with nutrient dense foods with high DIETRY fiber. (FRESH VEGITABLES & FRUIT)

Some of the health issues that we pass off as "getting old" such as bloating of the stomach, mood swings, lower back pain, low energy, digestive issues & constipation can be resolved simply by adding extra dietary fiber to your diet.

DIETRY fiber is removed @ the mill during the process of making white flour & rice.
Foods that lack DIETARY fiber = white bread, bread rolls, pies & pastries, pizza base, pasta, white rice, junk food, processed breakfast cereals.

The average adult consumes 12 –18 grams of dietary fiber per day, they should be consuming 20 – 40 grams EVERY day.

SPORTS people (marathon runners & endurance tri athletes) can benefit from taking 50 - 70 grams of DIETARY fiber EVERY day, 70+ grams on big training days.

Always drink PLENTY of water with high fiber diets.
If you feel constipated then you need to be drinking MORE water.


DIETARY fiber has 2 VERY important functions in your body.

(1) DETOX with DIETRY fiber... DIETARY fiber absorbs large amounts of H20 (water) & converts into a GEL like substance that passes through your digestive system collecting toxins & un-digested food particles from the small intestines and pushing it all down into the large intestine (the colon) where it waits to be removed from the body as stool (poo).

(2) ... 2nd CHANCE @ DIGESTION
This is where the need for dietary fiber becomes VERY important ! ... Dietary fiber ferments in the large intestines & converts into short-chain fatty acids (usable energy). Much of the undigested food particles that gets trapped with the GEL of the dietary fiber also gets fermented, the EXTRA nutrients & minerals are quickly absorbed into the blood for repair & maintenance of the body. Its like having a second chance at digestion of your food. The increase in energy from the fermentation of the dietary fiber in your colon should be noticeable 2 - 3 hours after digestion.

If their is insufficient DIETARY fiber in the food you eat then fermentation in the colon will not happen & your digestive system will become over loaded & feel bloated.
With out enough DIETARY fiber in your diet some toxins will be partially reabsorbed into the blood, this over working your liver, kidneys & digestive system.

If your diet is low in DIETARY fiber... as much as 50% of the nutrients & minerals from the food you eat can pass through your body undigested. Evidence of this can be seen in your stool (poo) when you go to the toilet. If you were to have a closer look at what comes out you will see large amounts of undigested food particles such as corn, whole grains, nuts, etc.


LooK for the SIGNS ... LOW DIETARY fiber in your DIET

How often you go to the toilet (poo) each day will give you a VERY good idea about the condition of your colon (your inner health).

If you go to the toilet (poo) ONCE a day...
If you are going to the toilet only once a day then you are constipated and probably don't realize it. Most days you will be feeing like CRAP, low in energy & experiencing, mood swings, bloated stomach and some lower back pain . If this is YOU, then you NEED to DETOX. Start with adding 4 - 6 table spoons of dietary fiber (Psyllium husks) to your diet each day will quickly reverse the effects of constipation & bloated stomach.

If you go to the toilet (Poo) TWICE a day...
If this is you then chances are you are eating a good diet of vegetables, salads & fresh fruits, Your energy levels will be high & you should be feeling VERY fit & healthy. You could still improve your ENERGY levels ALOT more if you were to add some extra dietary fiber to your diet.

If you go to the toilet (poo) 3+ TIMES a day...
If this is you then you will already be feeling GOOD & full of energy.
LIFE is GOOD when you are in this zone ... HUGE energy EVERY day !


Where to find DIETARY FIBER

Dietary fiber is found in ALL vegetables. Foods highest in dietary fiber are lentils, peas, beans, oats, rye, barley, chia seed, quinoa grains, prunes, plums, berries, bananas, apples, pears, broccoli, artichokes, sweet potatoes, onions & garlic.

An easy way to add more dietary fiber in your diet is to add 1 TABLE spoon of Psyllium husks to your food or drink 5 times EVERY day. ONE table spoon of Psyllium husks = approx 10 grams of DIETARY fiber.

Psyllium husks can be added to soups, breakfast cereals, yogurt, fruit juices, green smoothies, protein drinks, gym water, mashed potatoes, etc.

BEFORE going to SLEEP ... DRINK 1 table spoon of Psyllium husks mixed with a large glass of water, You can drop in a Berocca tablet or vitamin C tablet for flavour and extra minerals. You might fart a little bit intill your body get use to the extra fiber in your diet. You should awake in the morning with HIGHER than usual energy levels and a strong desire to go to the toilet.


# Before & after weight loss Photos
See other places to DETOX in Thailand